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« My family and I have spent a wonderful time here at Château les Beaulne.We got well-rested and came home happy to get back on track with our everyday life. »

-Mrs Allaire

« We came here to get away from all the noise and stress we have to endure in the city, and Château les Beaulne delivered just what we needed. »

-Mr McCready

« We were hesitant at first to bring the kids along with us, but in the end, the whole family had a great deal of fun, and enjoyed a restful vacation. »

-The Dansereau-Huards

« There isn’t a better place to relax for a couple of days. »

-Mrs Cartwright

« We didn’t want to get too far away from the house for our vacation, and since we love walking around in the woods, Château les Beaulne was the perfect place for us. We’re even thinking of coming back next year. »

-Mrs Boucher and Mr Houde

« We came here, a few friends and I, for a few days of group seclusion. We were enchanted by the warm welcome and serenity the lake provides. »

-Mr Stevens' group

« Château les Beaulne allowed us to spend time away in great comfort, yet in the middle of nature. It was an incredible experience. »

-Mrs Painchaud

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