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Château les Beaulne was once in fact a mountain-side monastery ovewrlooking Lac Vert, Petite-Nation, in the middle of the beautiful, all-natural Outaouais. Spread over 165 acres of trees and water, the Château les Beaulne domain is host to nine cottages, all built in carefully-picked locations. They will indeed grant you access to our numerous on-site services, while still being concealed enough to guarantee calm and peace. Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy many outdoor activities, such as taking walks in the forest or paddling on the lake. For the indoor-type, our cottages are warm and comfortable enough to make you forget all the hassles of your everyday-life.

Many miles of paths will allow you to explore our spectacular estate while breathing the soothing forest air, while the gentle lake winds will embrace you as you slowly drift over the water surface.

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